The Right Company

Professional Meters Inc. (PMI) was founded in 1999, and it has since set new standards in the automated meter reading industry.  Customer satisfaction, product knowledge, and highly trained field personnel have made PMI a premier installation company.  PMI handles all aspects of the meter replacement program.  We coordinate with our management staff to oversee the program, quickly and efficiently install the meters, and coordinate with the utility or municipality to integrate the data in an easily transferable manner. 

The hallmark of our company is the ability to rapidly deploy new meter reading systems while simultaneously collecting and transmitting the highest quality installation data.  We believe the proprietary systems we use to collect and scrub installation data delivers an unparalleled installation data quality to our customers.



The Right Solution

PMI can provide meters and meter reading systems from a wide variety of manufacturers to ensure the right meter for the right solution.  PMI handles the entire conversion from mailing to alert your customer base, coordinating with the customers to change the meters in a timely and efficient manner, and collaborating with the utility to ensure the data is properly uploaded to its utility billing software.

The Right System

PMI uses a Proprietary Installation Tracking System, called PMI-ITS, to manage and track a meter change-out program.  The PMI-ITS will serve as the central repository for all installation data collected for this project.  A web-based interface will be developed allowing customer personnel access to a wide variety of project tracking statistics, installation data, problem logs, inventory tracking systems, and progress reports. 



The Right People

PMI employs knowledgeable project managers, data managers, and installers that are expertly trained in the conversion process.  We carefully select the installers, and background checks are run on all personnel.  Our installers emphasize safety and efficiency throughout the process. PMI’s office support staff works closely with the field team to coordinate installations with your customers and utility personnel.  An experienced and knowledgeable Project Manager will be assigned to your project to answer customer questions and respond to any problems that may arise.